Ariel Rodríguez Palacios, after the accusation of Geraldine Neumann: "Things are a little out of place"


The cook began his cycle talking about the model's sayings, which he said suffered "psychological abuse, harassment and abuse of power."

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios spoke on her program of the prosecution of Geraldine Neumann

Ariel Rodriguez Palacios began broadcasting on Thursday What tomorrow!, the cycle that takes nine, in a different way: the cook looked at the camera and decided to refer to the strong accusation he made Geraldine Neumann against him.

It all started when Jorge Otamendi, Gege's husband, commented in a publication of Instagram "With luck you will have the social consequences that correspond to you for your abuses and constant psychological abuse for women."

So Geraldine wrote in Stories: "My husband sent this message to him because he knows how much I had and several companions while we worked that morning on Channel 9. I never told because I try to keep my profile low in my career, but psychological abuse, harassment and abuse of power have to stop. I suggest that no woman go through this again by working with @arielrodriguezpalacios. "

"Yesterday things were said about me that are not very good and seem a little out of place, I was raised by a mother and father along with my brothers, who taught me to respect people"

As soon as the sayings of the model were known, the chef assured a producer Pamela in the afternoon that the accusation was not true: "The truth is that I am extremely surprised because I have never behaved like this."

And on Thursday, Rodríguez Palacios began his program saying that he had been absent from the cycle due to poisoning and made his release:I know and you also know that yesterday things were talked about me that are not very good and seem a bit out of place. The only thing I want to say is that I was raised by a mother and father, along with my brothers, who taught me to respect people and the same thing I do with my children. I think it's the most important thing. "

"For many years, what I can contribute in addition to being able to cook is to try to entertain and give energy to people who are having a bad time. happy.Well, that's what I can say, "the driver closed before continuing the program.


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