Monday , October 18 2021

Argentine stocks recover ground in NY and operate with most increases


The advances of the day are led by the shares of Corporación América (+ 7.7%), after several wheels with setbacks.

The following is the assets of Banco Macro (+ 2.9%); those of the French Bank (+ 2.2%); and those of Cresud (+ 2.2%).

On the other hand, the losses are led by the actions of the Free Market (-5.2%); and those of Pampa Energía (-2.1%).

Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange recorded falls of up to 2% in its main indexes, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to reassure investors.

The threat – which has now become concrete – of shutting down federal administrations in Washington, trade tensions with China, rising interest rates and fears of a sharp economic slowdown shook Wall Street brokers last week, Dow Jones and Nasdaq, which accumulated losses of 6.87% and 8.36%, respectively.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday he had a series of phone conversations with the heads of the six largest US banks in an apparent attempt to ease investor concerns.

Budget director and chief of staff of President Donald Trump said Sunday that the partial paralysis of the government It can be extended until January 3, when the new Congress begins operating and the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.

The US Senate postponed its session on Saturday without resolving a standoff over Trump's demand for more funds for a border fence with Mexico that Democrats are unwilling to accept.

Dollar in the world

The dollar depreciated against the euro and the Japanese yen because concerns about the possibility of a prolonged shutdown of the US government and the weakness of the stock markets have reduced demand for the dollar.

The dollar index, which compares the dollar against a basket of six large currencies, Below 0.39 percent to 96,577 and returned from a maximum of a year and a half of 97,711 who played on December 14.

The MSCI global stock index, which tracks stocks in 47 countries, fell 0.15 percent on the day and fell nearly 7 percent in the last seven sessions, its worst daily loss since January 2016. The street opened on the second wheel, which will be shorter before the Christmas holiday.

The dollar has weakened since the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday adopted a less subdued outlook on rising future interest rates than many expected, prompting concerns the US central bank will continue to raise rates. the economy slows down.

Trading volumes were lower on Monday, with Japan closed and most of the global markets preparing to close on Tuesday's Christmas holiday.

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