Argentina: Scientists have discovered remains of a new species of dinosaur


Argentina. A team of Spanish and Argentinean paleontologists found the remains of three specimens of a new species of dinosaur with an age of 110 million years in the Argentine province of NeuquenAt that time, a deserted area.

The dinosaur, a herbivore of the sauropods group, was Lavocatisauro agrioensis His discovery was published in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica and released in Argentina on Friday by Scientific Disclosure Agency (CTyS) gives National University of La Matanza.

"We found most of the bones of the skull: the muzzle, the jaws, many teeth, also the bones that define the orbit of the eyes for example and, in this way, we were able to make a very complete reconstruction," he said. José Luis Carballido, researcher of Egidio Feruglio Museum it's the National Council for Scientific Research of Argentina.

Parts of the neck, tail and back have also been found.

"It's not just the discovery of a new species in a place where you would not expect to find fossils, but also the skull is practically complete," he added. Carballido.

The remains correspond to an adult specimen, with about twelve meters, and two juveniles, between six and seven meters. Paleontologists presume they moved in groups and died together.

"This discovery of an adult and two juveniles also meant the first record of a group shift within the rebaquisáuridos dinosaurs," he said. José Ignacio Canudo, gives University of Zaragoza and lead author of the study.

The place of discovery is unusual because at that time it was a desert area with sporadic lagoons.

"While it is estimated that this group of sauropods could have been adapted to move in very arid environments with low vegetation, low humidity and little water, it is an environment in which one would not look for fossils," said Carballido. AFP

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