Argentina increased 3-0 and still has hope


The women's soccer team equaled 3 to 3 against Scotland and still has life in the Women's World Cup.

Kim Little in the 19th minute of the first half scored 1-0. Beattie early in the second stage widened the lead. Cuthbert extended the result to the English and Milagros Menéndez decorated the result, scoring the first goal both in the World Cup.

The party

Argentina started with a different scheme, with four flyers and two front. The possession began to be for the ecocesas, while the albicelestes tried to press and not to enter their own area.

Little by little, the Argentine team was released and approached the rival area. Planed better, pressed well his rival and began to step in the area.

At age 17, he had the first Argentina, with a header from Mariana Larroquette, who hit the crossbar. Scotland responded to the next move and scored the first goal of the match. Kim Little was the author of both.

Although Argentina maintained the intensity, Scotland gradually controlled the game without being attacked. Fatigue was felt at the end of the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, little happened when the second shot came from Scotland, through Jenny Beattie, who head extended the result.

Borrello ordered the departure of Banini and the entrance of Menéndez to have more presence. The 10 Argentina did not leave anything happy and showed their anger.

The team kept trying, but little by little it was eliminated physically and by football. Scotland did not do much closer and closer to Correa's goal and scored again from the ball stopped to put the partial 3-0.

The selection had the chance to cash in thanks to a good move that ended with the great definition of Menéndez, when scoring the first cry albiceleste in the World Cup.

With the elimination that seemed a fact, the team was released more and Bonsegundo thanks to a final tremento put the second to the Argentines, reliving the illusion.


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