Are there players with the final version of Kingdom Hearts III?


Although there's still more than a month to be available around the world, Kingdom Hearts III from the Dualshockers portal echoed some images on social networks that seem to "confirm" that some players may already be enjoying the final version of Square-Enix. The exact worldwide release date would be January 29, 2019, although it is not unreasonable that some lucky people can already access the game beforehand. From the Xbox Generation we can confirm that we have not yet had access to the final version of the game, so if it is true, it will not be press releases, but access by other means.

As the known confirms Nibelião through Twitter, it is not superfluous to remain cautious if you filter out anticipated images or game videos that may contain spoilers:

At the moment, Square-Enix has not commented on the origin of these images, but it is likely that if there are any false or if they turn out to be real, the Japanese company puts the necessary measures to contain leaks a little more than a month than the game is available to the world.


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