ARA San Juan: the Navy and the Ministry of Defense thanked international support with an emotional video


One month after the discovery of ARA San Juan, the Argentine Navy and the Ministry of Defense thanked the international collaboration with an emotional video received during the search for the submarine, which sank 460 km from the Gulf of São Jorge and 800 meters deep.

"A sailor never leaves another sailor, has temporary caps, he relies on the comrade, he follows his instinct at sea and takes his professionalism to the maximum, this happened to ARA San Juan until we can find him." It was an unprecedented quest in naval history ". Thus begins the history of the video, showing the different expeditions that were carried out to find the whereabouts of the ship in the Argentine sea.

During the filming, which has 1 minute and 21 seconds of duration, the collaboration of the different international entities that participated in the search is highlighted and each one of them is named.

"He has united 19 countries and over 400 men in the effort, and today the Argentine Navy thanks those who participated in this operational effort and, for all our gratitude, the men and women of the Argentine Navy are grateful to: International Maritime Organization, International Submarine Exhaustion and Rescue Office, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, Commodore Rivadavia Community, Public and Private Institutions, and Armed and Security Forces of the 19 cooperating countries" concludes the clip.

For his part, Defense Minister Oscar Aguad said he was satisfied with the work done because he fulfilled the recommended mission. "Despite the tragedy and the pain it causes, I have the peace of having promised two things and having almost … both of them, we said that we were going to look for the submarine until we found it and found it. on the basis of the excellent work that the diving officers who make up the commission that formed the Ministry of Defense have developed, "he had said. Infobae after his passage through the Bicameral Commission, where he was questioned by lawmakers.

Human error, lack of training, the state of the material and the lack of an adequate protocol for dealing with dangerous situations are the elements most strongly considered by sailors when carrying out their analysis.


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