Sunday , October 17 2021

Another of the "Wild Tales": a group filmed in traffic discussion | Chronic

In the best "Wild Stories" style, a fiery guy chased a group on Line 5 for several blocks and, almost without saying a word, fired at the car door and did not cause a miraculous tragedy. As a result of the shot, the explosion of the glass caused the driver of the unit to cut in the face.

It all started around 7 am on Wednesday at the intersection of Rivadavia and La Plata avenues in the Caballito neighborhood, when a subject on board a white Peugeot 307 began to argue with the driver of line 5 (internal 716) for causes which are investigated. The guy, dissatisfied with the situation, continued the fight with the bus driver, until at the junction of Avenida Rivadavia and Viedma the man got out of the car and fired at the door of the collective.

Moments of extreme tension were experienced at the time, as both the pilot and the passenger never expected the reaction of the subject, who escaped aboard his car after the shot. Meanwhile, the door burst made the glass hit the driver's face, causing a cut, but did not have to be taken to a hospital.

The truth is that in this corner there is a dome that could identify the subject who fired the shot, which is intensely sought by police officers.

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