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Another of the Flybondi: had to descend to 3 thousand meters by a depressurising pressure – Tucumán News – Agencia de Noticias – Diario de Tucumán

It is a flight that went from Iguazú to El Palomar and had to resort to the maneuver indicated by the security protocol.

One Minute | 11/19/2018 00:00

A Flybondi flight from Iguaçu to El Palomar suffered a pressurizing failure on Saturday and had to make a rapid descent to 10,000 feet, as stated in the safety protocol.

According to the company, after the descent the trip continued without problems. At 3:40 pm, the aircraft landed at El Palomar Airport, according to the company's statement, adding that "both passengers and crew went down smoothly."

The complete company statement

"Buenos Aires, November 17, 2018. Flybondi reports that during flight FO 5101 that made the Iguazú-El Palomar route, the airplane registered in the LV-HFR had a pressurizing failure at the height of the province of Corrientes.

"Following the safety protocol, the aircraft immediately dropped to 10,000 feet and then stabilized in a normal flight condition for the rest of the trip, at 15.40 the aircraft landed at El Palomar Airport under normal conditions. Passengers as the crew descended smoothly .

"It is important to highlight the professional performance performed by the crew, who at all times sought the safety and well-being of the passengers and the reliability of the flight operation."

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