Announce a reduction in property tax for those who pay before February 12


Until next Tuesday, February 12, there is time to pay with discount the first installment and the annual balance of the Property Tax and Urban Territorial, both on the built floor and in the garbage. To get the bonus of up to 20%, taxpayers must pay in full and be enrolled in a ballot by mail or adhered to the automatic debit system.

For this year, taxpayers who pay on time will have a 10% bonus on the amount to be paid, to which 10% more will be added if they prefer to join the vote by mail or to the automatic debit system. In the first case, the benefit will be available 48 hours after the completion of the procedure, while the other possibility will take about 60 days to impact the system.

Those who are already enrolled in these modalities from previous years, will have the bonus automatically, without having to perform any procedure.

To fulfill their fiscal obligations, the taxpayers of the Province can do it digitally in the website of the agency,, with a credit card; also through homebanking or through ATM, after obtaining the code for electronic payment. Even through the phone or tablet with the iOS and Android systems, through the application "ARBA Mobile App" that is downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

In addition, for those interested you can use the ARBA POINT located in different parts of the territory of Buenos Aires to pay with a credit or debit card with wireless payment terminals; all the branches of Banco Provincia and the authorized offices of Banco Nación and Banco Ciudad. As well as, the payment centers qualified for this purpose are available from Provincia Net Payments, Easy Payment and Rapipagos.

This summer, on the Atlantic coast, the Agency has ordered the installation of 5 trailers by mid-February, which will reinforce the face-to-face attention in the ARBA POINTS of the areas with the highest public flow. These alternative positions, in which you can perform procedures and pay taxes, are located in San Bernardo, Pinamar, Villa Gesell and Necochea.

In Mar del Plata, in addition to a trailer, ARBA Space was installed in Playa Grande, which has a children's play area, and a service truck was added, located in Plaza Miter.


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