ANMAT banned milk, oregano and more hair products – 09/01/2019


After banning a brand of candy and various capillary products was known, the National Food, Drug and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT) banned milk, oregano and more hair products on Wednesday.

According to the provision published in the Official Gazette of the Union, the body banned the marketing of skim milk fortified with calcium fortified with Latte RNPA brand N ° 21-109142 and powdered milk fortified with vitamins A and D also labeled Latte RNPA N ° 21 – 092556 for failing to comply with current food law, being labeled with legend and unofficial symbol "without TACC".

Another provision of the body prohibited the marketing of the product labeled "oregano" of the brand La Parmesana, RNPA 02-598243 RNE No. 02-033526 lot 18JUN28 to "present Olive leaves and other coriaceous leaves In a proportion of foreign matters greater than allowed "in the Argentine Food Code, while the canned brand of vizcacha, El Camba RNE No. 050000265 RNPA No. 05008835, was also banned for" lack of establishment and product authorization and wrongly labeled when record non-existent registration numbers ".

In other prohibitions, it also limited the sale of several products for smoothing, heat sealing and hair treatment of the brands LP Hair Design, Hellasa, Inova and JP, for irregularities as they are not registered in ANMAT or exceed in its composition the allowed limit of the formaldehyde compound.


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