Anmat banned a brand of goodies – 08/01/2019


The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) a brand of goodies, some medical products and also cosmetics.

According to the resolution published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette, one of the products that were withdrawn from the sale to the public is the Yippi sweets, due to lack of establishment and product authorization. This means that it is illegal.

The government entity also canceled the use, marketing and distribution of several medical products. One is a pediatric tracheostomy tool, used to facilitate access to the respiratory tract. Another is a mucosal aspiration probe and two specific elements of the surgery.

The first of these products is called the Shiley pediatric tracheostomy tube; the second is a probe developed by Kaution SA; the third are Steri-Strip skin sutures. According to the Official Gazette, none of these products has data from the official in Argentina or expiration date. Due to this, the Health Products Supervisory Board considered that the minimum health requirements could not be guaranteed, as well as the requirements to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of these products.

Finally, ANMAT also banned the commercialization and use of all batches and in all presentations of various cosmetic products of the brand Innova, labeled as "Innova Hair": 3D Brightening Progressive Photonic Smoothing; Biotin Innova Smooth; Innova Hair Biotin 3D Gloss; and Shine Innovova Innovative Hair Drawer for 3D. In this case, toxic effects have been detected due to inhalation exposure to the chemical formaldehyde.


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