"Angelici has me as his son"


The change of location at the end of Copa Libertadores of America in between River Plate and Boca Juniors He also had a modification regarding the security operation. Contrary to what happens in Argentina, the Spanish authorities have promised not to let the country enter – or at least Santiago Bernabu– for the wandering millionaire and Xeneize bars. A case that exemplifies what is mentioned is that of Maximiliano Mazzaro, one of the leaders of one of the dissident factions of the blue and gold cast that was deported from Spain in the last hours.

Mazzaro traveled to Madrid in the early hours of the morning along with other of his companions and, when leaving the country, the Security of Argentina warns in Spain that this person can not enter in any sporting stadium. Prior to the message, airport agents reported that he would be deported. This morning, Maximiliano arrives in Buenos Aires and talks to the press about what happened on European soil.

Firstly, Mazzaro made it clear that he did not intend to see Superclassica and attacked the president of Boca Juniors. "They did not deport me from Spain, they gave me back, they said – next week you can come back to look for your family, I was not going to the game, I went on vacation with my family, to Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthere are five I do not go to court. As I said, do not go to the game, Daniel Angelici has been a son for some time, "he said without language.

In addition, I told her that what I experienced at Barajas airport was a horrible situation: "I was delayed for 20 hours, I have my three year old son there, my family is devastated, this is against me and my family. the former Xeneize bar leader said. As a result of what happened to Mazzaro, Rafael Di Zeo and other protagonists of "La 12" will give up flying to Spain.

Currently, Maxi manages a dissident bar from the cast of La Ribera and generally watches the games that Admiral Brown plays in his court. However, the protagonist says the opposite: "I have no relation with anyone who is part of the football soccer bands, I do not go back to that environment."


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