Angela Torres told what Darthés was saying when they worked together on "Simona" – 08/01/2019


Angela Torres gave more details about her experience as a collaborator of Juan Darthés in "Simona," the Pol-ka track that El Trece issued in the same period as Calu Rivero He accused the actor of harassing her. In dialogue with "The summer show", the cycle of Radio Miter led by Héctor Rossi of Mar del Plata, the actress told what he was saying Darthés during the recordings of the program and stressed: "It was very uncomfortable"

Ángela Torres worked with Juan Darthés in

Ángela Torres worked with Juan Darthés in "Simona".

Angela Torres He expressed his sadness over the harassment and sexual abuse suffered by women, while at the same time he claimed the various actions that allowed many of these cases to be publicly known. "There is a common goal among all groups: we are tired of injustice and we want an egalitarian world," he said.

In relation to the experience of having worked with Juan Darthés in "Simona" only when the accusations of Calu Rivero against him, Angela decided to say what he was saying Darthés recording. "It was strange what he was doing, he told me:" Have you seen everything they're saying in bold? " looking for my complicity. It was very uncomfortable"

When asked how was the day to day work in "Simona", Angela Torres He replied, "I did not have a bad time because my teenage partners saved me. On the day he recorded two scenes with Darthés and ten with my companions. "

Set to open Angela Torres declared: "Juan (DarthésLater he realized the position that we had the women in the work group and only came, recorded and left. "


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