Angela Torres revealed how Juan Darthés tried to manipulate her in "Simona"


Angela Torres, who shared several months of recording with Juan Darthés in "Simona", told a sad episode in which the actor wanted to manipulate him and convince you when Calu Rivero He pointed at him like a pursuer.

"It was very uncomfortable", defined the young actress in her time with Darthés in the soap opera of the nights of The thirteen. In an interview with Miter radioAngela detailed her personal experience and told what Darthés, now criminally charged in Nicaragua for violating Thelma Fardin, expressed to him.

"It was strange what he did, he told me: Have you seen everything they're saying in bold? Looking for my complicity"Revealed Angela Torres, who assured that support from her castmates was crucial. "I did not have much time because my teenage partners saved me. The day I recorded two scenes with Darthés and ten with my comrades", he remembered.

In that sense, the actress clarified that Darthés realized that she would not defend him. "Juan later realized the position that we had the women of the work group and only came, recorded and left", he said.

Angela preferred to remain silent for several months, although after meeting Thelma's criminal complaint, she could no longer restrain herself and give her opinion. "Everything is very strong, I worked with him all year, my mother (Gloria Carrá) was in & # 39; Ugly duckling & # 39; and I was very close to Thelma at the time. She was a baby. It's a monstrosity"Angela said days ago.

"That he has the impunity and the face of going out to say the things he says makes me shiver. I always believed in Calu and now I'm with Thelma. It was difficult to record with him, everything was confusing and strange"he added.


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