Ángel de Brito returned to put the points to Julian Serrano for not fulfilling the dream of dancing


Recognize that Ángel de Brito He is incisive and does not let pass one is already a truism at this stage of his professional career. That is why it should not be surprising that the journalist "send forward"THE Sofi Morandi and Julián Serranothe winning couple Dancing 2018, for not fulfilling the dream of the program, which consisted of traveling to Puerto Madryn. And put the points back to youtuber for the unfulfilled task, after he tried a defense via Twitter.

It all started when a user on the networks realized that the contest winners had not fulfilled the program's dream. Sofi and Julian represented in the Dancing The Association Together We Can of the city of Chubut, but although the prize corresponding to the charity came, the godparents never traveled to visit it.

"Hello @sofimorandiOk @ JulianSerrano01 when you intend to come to Puerto Madryn? My brother is part of the association, and I swear it does not happen a day without him asking for you., since ALL is the same, EVERYBODY IS WAITING. They never came to meet them again … and it's a shame"He tweeted Lucas Husosky, comment that was shared by the driver of "Los Angeles Morning"

"The last champions did not comply. So do not fill your mouth with dreams. This applies to allhe admonished from Brito of your personal Twitter account.

Julian He did not remain silent and tried to defend himself against what had happened. "Angel, the dream came true. We won on Thursday 27th and on Tuesday the 8th the boys started to receive the checks of LaFlia to finish its foundation, that we were accompanying with the mayor there", The dancer wrote in response to the accusation received.

But the driver returned to charge to put the points once again: "Julián, The dream is fulfilled by the program every year, since 2006. In what they have not fulfilled, it is to know them. I say this"He said.

Lastly, Julian promised to make the trip with Sofi as soon as possible: "We have not yet been able to make the trip to Puerto Madryn, which we will do as promised"and from Brito ended the discussion with a "That's their claim and that's why they wrote to me."


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