Anatomy of a Mafia Attack: Nine Seconds to Shoot Ten Times and Leave a Message – 10/12/2018


In filming they are seen resolved and fast. At 2:30 p.m. on Monday, they stopped an enduro type motorcycle in front of the former Palace of the Provincial Courts, in the macrocentre of Rosario. In nine seconds they run a dozen shots that hit one of the revolving doors. They still have time to release a poster with a repeated message: "With the Mafia, do not fuck". This time, however, they add a signature. "Atte. Esteban Alvarado", is initialed in a messy cardboard. Ten minutes later, two murderers who were also on a motorcycle – not yet determined if they were the same – attack the new Criminal Justice Center. They are five shots. There are no injuries. Yes, the clear intention to leave a mafia alert against justice.

Message left after the shooting-to-justice attack in Rosario

Message left after the shooting-to-justice attack in Rosario

Attacks on magistrates and judiciary buildings began in May with the transfer of one of Los Monos' leaders to a prison in the Chaco. Now they agitate Rosario again, four days after Ariel "Guille" Cantero was sentenced to 15 years in prison in the first trial for drug trafficking that was carried out against the gang.

The buildings attacked belong to the Provincial Justice and not to the Federal Court, which is what condemned Cantero, his mother, his partner and one of his main lieutenants, among others 34 people. Researchers avoid linking the new attacks to failure. which was known last week. They prefer not to venture a theory. Do not rule out other hypotheses. But in all options "Apes" appear.

Another track that follows is the closing, last Saturday, of a bowling alley in the southern part of the city that different sources refer to "The Monkeys". They believe that this place could be the meeting point of many involved in previous shootings. That's why they do not see it as crazy that the new attacks are linked to the operation that ended with the closure and seizure of a 9-millimeter pistol.

"The attack on Rosario's judicial a response to exemplary phrases We have received the leaders of & # 39; The Monkeys & # 39; "According to the Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, through Twitter." We know that these events occur as a result of the strong coordinated work we have carried out between the National Government and the province. of Santa Fe. Fighting these criminal gangs in a unified way and after placing them at the disposal of justice and ending with exemplary sentences, criminals attack with violence to send a message of the Mafia that we will not tolerate in any way, "he emphasized.

For his part, Governor of Santa Fe, Miguel Lifschitz, said: "I do not attach much importance. It was a motorcycle that circulated at dawn. are desperate reactions from groups being fought by the security forces and criminal justice. "

His Minister of Security, Maximiliano Pullaro, expressed himself in the same vein. He spoke of criminal groups that were losing power, who are receiving "exemplary sentences" and those who are seizing assets. Although the official said his government had dismantled 76 criminal gangs, everything points to "The Monkeys."

The minister did not mention Esteban Alvarado, the man who appears at the start of the precarious poster that was released on one of the proceeds to the provincial courts.

Alvarado, who was sentenced in Buenos Aires for integrating a band that stole high-end cars to disarm them and sell them in Rosario, he is currently a fugitive. He is wanted for his possible relation to the crime of Lucio Maldonado, a squatter attached to the underworld who disappeared on November 10 and whose body was found three days later in an open field. His hands were tied and he had three gunshot wounds. In their clothes they left a confused sign that warned, once again: "The mafia did not screw up."

The line with the name of Alvarado released in one of the new attacks could be a way to confuse the true executors.

"We do not want to panic, but we do not want that to happen either. Today they shoot some bullets at dawn, any day they can throw a bomb," said Jorge Perlo, head of the Union of Judicial Officials, in a dialogue with the new shootings . Radio Two.

The president of the College of Magistrates, Gustavo Salvador, said that the new attacks they seek to intimidate the Judiciary. He also expressed concern about the "self-confidence" with which the perpetrators acted and complained about "lack of external custody." The buildings had an internal surveillance, which adds a mobile patrol. Therefore, it was not possible to articulate a rapid persecution.

For seven of the 14 previous shots that aimed to intimidate the Justice was imputed "Guille" Cantero. He is designated as the organizer of the attacks. The images that were recorded in the new attacks show two people wearing a helmet. In no time show the face. Only two helmets were found on the street, abandoned, a few blocks from the Criminal Justice Center. Yesterday, among other investigative lines, was to determine if the bike used was the same in the two episodes.


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