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An old rumor about GTA 6 is charging fuerza

The next delivery of the saga Grand Theft Auto It is one of the titles that bad expectation has generated in the last few years. We are sure that we see all classes of rumors and "filtrations", and now we are going to talk about one of them that goes back to the past.

In December 2018, an anonymous European developer declared that “GTA 6” was coming to Sony's next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, on the 2020 festivals. Japanese company has a deal with Rockstar to keep the game as exclusive to the PS5 for a month. This also affirmed that the game will unfold in New York (Liberty City) or Miami (Vice City), maintaining the cities of previous games.

At the moment there was no way to find out about these things. However, this mysterious source has also published data on the PlayStation 5 that has been confirmed this year by Sony itself, giving greater accuracy to its predictions.

For example, this user predicts console specifications, which include support for ray tracing. I can also anticipate backward compatibility and focus on 4K, 8K and PlayStation VR resolutions. We also highlight that I was the first to speak of the presence of a camera inside DualShock 5, something that was found months later in a patent.

Finally, a few weeks ago a rumor arose that GTA 6 would unfold in Vice City, something that confirms information of a mysterious source. Believe the resent ..

When crees that will pay off GTA 6?

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