Amazon has become the most expensive company in the world


Taking advantage of a renewed optimism in New York Square, the action of the group led by Jeff Bezos appreciated 3.44% on Monday, raising its market value to 797 billion dollars.

Microsoft, with $ 783.00 million, loses the crown it had taken from Apple in late November.

However, Amazon's performance should be relativized: the value of the company has dropped significantly since it reached the trillion-dollar mark in early September, just weeks after Apple.

The company, established in 1994 to operate in the field of online book sales, has become a distribution and computing giant on the Internet.

Amazon has developed popular products such as Alexa smart voice assistants and the administrator of a popular music and movie platform through its premium service.

Thanks to this success, Bezos is currently considered the richest man in the world, according to the classification made by Forbes magazine. His fortune was calculated on Monday at $ 135 billion.

However, technology companies have been hit hard in recent months, like the rest of the taxpayers in New York square, fearing a slowdown in global economic growth.

This is demonstrated by the Apple case, which had fallen about 40 percent since early October and collapsed again on Jan. 3, losing another 10 percent after acknowledging that its Q4 sales would be worse than expected.

With 702 billion dollars, the apple brand is worth less today than Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet, Google's parent company, estimated at 748 billion.


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