Amazon confirmed that Alexa will speak Spanish in the United States this year


Amazon has just announced that Americans will soon be able to speak with Alexa in Spanish as they have launched a new voice model that will allow developers to develop skills for users who speak Spanish in the United States.

This new skill kit is just the first step, since before the end of the year, full support will be offered in Spanish for all Alexa devices.

According to data from the United States Census of 2017, there were 58 846 134 Hispanics, 18.1% of the population of that country, not including the population of Puerto Rico or undocumented Hispanic immigrants, which would exceed the 60 million Hispanics

At the moment, only a handful of users will have access to the Spanish Virtual Assistant in the USA. which indicates that its national launch is on its way, as confirmed by the company on Monday, April 29.

Amazon debuted its virtual assistant Alexa with the release of its smart horn Amazon Echo in late 2014. But it was not until October 2018 when Alexa began speaking Spanish, first in Spain and then in Mexico. In each country there is a regional accent and localisms, for example in Mexico, when she calls Alexa, she responds with a good "I hear you, hear you, I feel you tiki tiki" parodying the phrase of the Mexican singer Thalia who became viral.

In turn, Google Assistant began speaking Spanish in the United States in November 2017.

Device manufacturers such as Bose, Philips, TP Link and Honeywell Home are also invited to adjust their capabilities to this audience, Amazon said.

Alexa's Skills also They are available in Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese and French.

In addition to the Echo devices, Alexa in Spanish will also be in other brands, such as Bose, Sony and Facebook, who plan to launch devices incorporated into Alexa during the same year, also compatible with Spanish.

Scandal about who listens to you with Alexa

Last week, it became known that an Amazon team that audits Alexa user commands and has access to location data and in some cases you can easily find the residential address of a customer, according to five well-informed employees.

The team, distributed in three continents, transcribes, records and analyzes part of the voice recordings collected by Alexa. The program, which Bloomberg unveiled earlier this month, was created to help Amazon's digital voice assistant improve its understanding and response to commands.


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