Alfredo Casero has made a surprise decision and announced that he is leaving the country! What is the reason? Find it out!


Alfredo Casero is one of the most controversial celebrities. Undoubtedly, his political stance and his lapidary statements at the time of speaking are some of the characteristics that put him in the eye of the storm. But that's not all, last year was involved in scandals that ended in censorship of his work in some provinces.

Despite its long history, the comedian continues adding new chapters. This 2019 began with its surprise disconnection of "Animales Sueltos", a situation that provoked great speculation and debate. Then, it was known that Home He decided to emigrate and would already have the destination chosen: Spain. "I'm going abroad to work on a project that I've been doing for a long time in Spain, I'm doing baroque music and we have a group that we have not finished closing yet," he revealed in a dialogue with "El Espectador."

Then he went over and added, "I really want to go and I take the time to go to work and ride it, I've done things for years and we already have meetings, we've already been in London, England." said Alfredo and told the details of the appearance of the new challenge.

"This is a project that comes from 2017. I will return to continue to tour the country, which is the only work I have and I love it," he said and continued: "The work of an actor has many swings, it's like the of a farmer. We have to maintain a certain management of the economy, "he said. Finally, he was strong: "I have to go back to what I want to do. Maybe I'll never stop fighting for what I think."


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