Alfredo Casero, against Diego Brancatelli: "Bank the fuzz if you like the peach, do not go out and cry"


The reporter said on Twitter a tense moment that he lived in the mall Unicenter Source: Archive – Credit: Enrique Villegas

Diego Brancatelli

He reported on his Twitter account
a tense episode that he lived in Unicenter, where he met the neighbors. One of them told him: "In the village you have to buy, here you are not welcome, Kirchner garbage." Given this, they left
answers for and against the journalist.

Alfredo Casero

, with his characteristic style, he recorded a video directed to the


"Your life is not that of a villain, you would not have to go shopping in a village, you would have to buy it at the mall because you have a wire and go to Miami because you laugh: defending jets, showing your face by thieves , by thieves "began.

"Lie down if you like the peach, do not go out and cry to make a quilombo," he shot. In addition, the actor and comedian laughed when he said: "Really if you want to be with these people, you would have gone to buy La Salada, brother, that's where the national and popular goes like you."

"Something happened to you in life Brancatelli! You took off from the bleachers of Tinelli! You are a great man! You are a selfmade man! See you later," he said with a laugh, and finished: "Brancatelli, you are a victim , a victim of this oppressive government Chau!


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