Alex Rodriguez organized a fantastic joke that left Jennifer Lopez speechless (VIDEO)


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez They spent a great Thanksgiving day that will surely be unforgettable for the couple thanks to the original joke that the athlete arranged for his girlfriend.

Alex shared on Instagram a funny video in which JLo is literally speechless when he sees his family disappearing on the table.

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In the clip you see the singer in the company of the mentalist Lior Suchard, whom the couple invited to give them a Show Private with your friends.

During one of the tricks, Lior is touching the shoulder of each of the guests while Jennifer walks by his side, and after a time the mentalist thunders his fingers and they all fall on the table as if they were unconscious.

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Seeing her friends and family faint, the actress just screams "What the hell!" again and again until one of the diners can not take it anymore and starts laughing, and then everyone reveals that it's a joke that Alex prepared for her.

"Thanks to my good friend Lior for helping us have fun with Jennifer tonight," Rodriguez wrote with the video.

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For his part, Lopez did not want to be left behind and also showed how they had fun when the mentalist worked with her boyfriend, making her unable to speak normally.

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