Alert in France about the risks of using ibuprofen


O French Medication Agency (ANSM) states that it has ibuprofen and ketoprofen can aggravate infections and diseases that the same remedy serves to soothe and treat. Because of this, they asked for a continental level research.

By 2015, he had already cardiovascular risks about its use, but now the situation is deeper with a drug that is over the counter around the worldand mainly employed in children.

Image of ibuprofen tablets (Photo: Ecuavisa)

The ANSM has given several recommendations to doctors and patients according to this finding, what they offer, is proven. The main thing is to try replace ibuprofen with paracetamolwhen it's about angina, rhinopharyngitis, otitis, cough O skin lesions.

They also gave good rules of use: minimum measure at the As short as possible. In turn, stop the treatment when the symptoms disappear and not to prolong their consumption during more than three daysin case of fever or more than five, if there is pain.

The study since the year 2000, where cases of aggravation are collected by ingestion of ibuprofen and KetoprofenDetails 337 complications for the firstand 49 for the second.


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