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Alejandro Fantino and a super sexy image at the pool with his girlfriend

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January 30, 2019

The driver traveled with Coni Mosqueira to the Turks and Caicos Islands, where they were very cuddly by social networks.

Fantino and girlfriend

Alejandro Fantino He revealed his novel a year ago Coni Mosqueira, the 25-year-old model with whom she returned to bet on love after the end of her decade-long marriage with the actress Miriam Lanzoni And nowadays, the couple are more entrenched than ever and pure mime.

The sexy discovery of Coni, girlfriend of Alejandro Fantino: topless and sensuality on the beach

After sharing several trips together, this time the driver and his girlfriend went for more and set up the bags to leave for the Turks and Caicos Islands and transit the first month of 2019 in a paradisiacal destination.

Fantino and Mosqueira They shared from there some postcards of their permanence where it is revealed that the flame of passion between them is more than in: "Lifeguard", entitled Alejandro about photography that has gathered thousands of Instagram


In the image, the couple is observed enjoying their love in the pool and with a "Indiscreet hand" the driver of Loose Animals, grabbing the tail goddess as he lifted her to give her a romantic kiss.

Accustomed to attracting attention with his editorials, Fantino surprised everyone with his words after Mouth I missed the end of World Cup in front of River in Madrid

"You have to have greatness in defeat because having greatness in victory is easy, we have to change Argentina, I have 40,000 people transmitting at the moment, this happens only when Argentina plays a world final. do an editorial to beat Boca, but I will not do it, " expressed the driver Network Radio at the beginning of its program, without giving the taste to the thousands of followers.

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