Alejandra Pradón scared everyone on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro


Alejandra Pradón seemed to be enjoying a dream vacation in Brazil, until the diffusion of a series of images raised concern in their environment. As had happened, the model had to be rescued from the Rio de Janeiro sea, apparently by a presumed drowning. But she clarified that she is in conditions.

Only those who have ever been in a situation of suffocation can understand how you feel under these circumstances. Realizing that the force of water does not let you out and suffers the lack of air becomes a traumatic experience. That is why the alert took over the relatives and followers of Pradón when circulating images in which they appeared missing.

The image that circulated in the networks.
The image that circulated in the networks.

Ángel de Brito had echoed the images: "Alexandra Pradón almost drowned in the sea. He disappeared. The accident happened in Rio. "In addition, the entertainment journalist explained:" It was deficient on the beach and then an ambulance took her. "

However, and for the peace of mind of all, this version lasted only a few minutes, because the exvedette itself was responsible for clarifying that the images were not real.

"I spoke to La Pradón recently, he gave me a video call. It's perfect, it's all trucho and it's VERY LIVE, "De Brito wrote in his Twitter account, removing the drama from the publication he had previously made.


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