Alejandra Maglietti and Jonas Gutiérrez separated before getting married


She would have gotten tired of her evening walks, but they do not confirm that it is a definite break.

Is the speaker, lawyer and model Alejandra Maglietti going through a terminal crisis? with his boyfriend, soccer player Jonás Gutiérrez. Although the marriage between them never materialized, yes the coexistence, which today is interrupted due to this separation that is still unknown if it will be momentary or definitive. A pending conversation between the two will define the couple's sentimental situation.

The truth is that the player "is living somewhere else" as they pointed to the Teleshow site, close friends of both. The "night out" of Jonah and his group of friends would have eroded their courtship, with repeated arguments that led Maglietti to decide to separate. Of course this does not exclude a reconciliation, but it will depend on the player to "feel the head" and some things change. In these pending conversations could be the intention to try again or cut the relationship forever. For now both prefer to talk about a "crisis."

Maglietti and Jonas Gutiérrez went through much worse storms. When they met, the player was in full recovery treatment for testicular cancer and she was instrumental in that process, which accelerated the steps of love and commitment between them. A relationship with distance – he played in England – also put them to the test during the first few years, and once back to Argentina the bond was strengthened. But with the coexistence came the discussions that today have them in a limit point.

Last year, they announced a wedding planned for December that was finally postponed without further explanation. Maglietti said that Jonah had a restaurant closed at the time, asked him to dress elegantly, knelt before her and showed her the rings. But the marriage did not materialize.

"He wants something huge, a mega party for 500. I do not know if I'm for such a thing, I want something smaller because I think of the numbers," she revealed in explaining the reasons for the postponement of the marriage.

"I love you, today and always, you've spent worse things and never lowered your arms, this is just another test of your strength," wrote the model in reference to the battle the player won in 2013, when he overcame testicular cancer. "I know you never give up!" He encouraged Gutierrez, adding, "We both know that nothing would be easy, but here we stand together and support each other."

That was the message she gave him on Instagram when she suffered an injury last year. Maglietti followed the post-that reached 25 thousand that I like in two hours, with a romantic photo of the couple in which they are giving a kiss with the fence of the court in the middle. She on the side of the podium and he, with the training team, on the playing field The football player meanwhile also used his personal account on the social network to thank the messages he received from fans and their loved ones. "Thank you all for your messages, never give up, keep fighting."

Now the couple, who began in 2014 and faced a crisis a year after being together, are currently distant but looking for a way to save their love based on conversations and the search for understanding. Time will be the key to knowing the fate of this love story that may be coming to an end.


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