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"Ah, so … wouldn't you give up?" Sofia Pachano was dispatched against Luli Salazar!


The dancer criticized the attitude of lace. We count everything!

This Friday on the runway Super Dance 2019, Luciana Salazar and Cinthia Fernández met again by Martín Baclini. It turns out that the blonde decided to judge Injurias to his friend's girlfriend and the battle intensified, so he announced that he would leave the contest. In fact, at that gala, she was dressed in the usual way and had not passed the locker room.

“Before starting the program, please
Everything that is happening, Luciana told us that she does not want to continue on
contest, ”said Marcelo Tinelli. "I don't want you to leave the
tender, on the contrary, ”he added. So Luciana explained why she wanted
give up "What you get least
I have to go We're with Gonzalo (Gerber) and Carlita (Lanzi, the coach)
enjoying a lot, this is the year I enjoyed the dance, ”he said.

"I'm sorry for this situation today
I was very sad for many things that seem super unfair. All this
I felt that way, and when I receive joy and joy, I can't
hide I talked to the production, ”he added. “It has nothing to do with
the duel. Recently, at a dinner with Martín, we talked about the possibility of
we crossed over and were very entertained by the situation, ”he said.

“But today at least I felt not
I was having fun, ”he said. “The last time this happened, when
Cinthia started to cry and left me as a third discord where
It puts me in a place where women take me unfairly … For me
This is not good. I'm sorry, but a lot of people see it too, ”he closed.

In this context, to everyone's surprise, who pointed out against Salazar was Sofia Pachano The young girl He posted a video on his Instagram account, where he commented very gently: “I want to send a huge kiss to Luciana Salazar, who was 40 minutes saying that she would give up the dance and all of us back there, and that later, when she sat next to me she said & # 39; Come on guys, tomorrow I have to rehearse. Oh, so … wouldn't you give up on Luciana? Shivering!

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