After two consecutive declines, the dollar jumps 10 cents to $ 38.72


It is in tune with the Single Market and Free Exchange (MULC), where the currency advances 23 cents to $ 37.82.

In the informal market, in turn, the blue opera $ 37.50, according to the research of this medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" yielded six cents yesterday, at $ 37.59.

It should be remembered that yesterday, the bill fell 13 cents after the decision of the Central Bank to adjust the interest rate of Leliq.

In this way, the US currency was coupled to the wholesale segment, where the currency fell 22 cents to $ 37.59 in a wheel where the offer prevailed again.

The Central Bank (BCRA) placed $ 156,296 million in Liquidity Notes in seven days, with an average annual rate of 59.13% (on Tuesday, it closed at 58.97 %). The maximum yield granted was 59.50% and the minimum yield was 58.45%.

The US currency operated on a weak trend, reversing the relative strength exhibited earlier in the week.

"The improvement in the supply of dollars interrupted the upward trend of the first two days of this week, adjusting prices to the lowest level since last Monday," said PR Corredores de Cambio.

They added that "a slight upward adjustment in Leliq's interest rate arranged by the Central Bank contributed to stopping the increase in the exchange rate that at some point threatened to bring it back to $ 38."

On the other hand, The Treasury Department closed the auction of Treasury bills in US Dollars maturing on June 28, 2019 (LETES) (196 days), which began on Tuesday. The reference price was US $ 37.6483 established by the BCRA.

Other Money Markets

In the money market between banks, "money money" was operated at an average of 57%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 158 million were agreed for the acquisition and / or placement of funds in pesos through the purchase and sale of dollars for Thursday and Friday.

In the future market of ROFEX, US $ 1,150 million were traded, more than 60% were agreed between December and January, with final prices of US $ 38,585 and US $ 40.44, with rates of 60.38% and 55.35% of TNA , respectively.

Finally, the BCRA's international reserves increased by US $ 93 million and ended at US $ 49,882 million.


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