After the rumors of Alzheimer's disease, the truth about Maradona's health: what is his image and how do they try to help him?


In the last few hours, Matías Morlawith powers Diego Maradona, has come out to deny journalistic versions that have ensured that the "Ten" suffers Alzheimer's. "The medical studies that were performed gave no indication to this effect. In Mexico, where Maradona was directing not only a football team but also a technical team, the club also performed several health examinations, some by psychologists and psychiatrists, which resulted in satisfactory results and did not do so. did not give us any medical information linked to media coverage, "the statement said.

Now, what is the truth about the health of the star, 58 years? The former coach of Argentina rejected the proposal to continue as coach in Dorado of Sinaloa for the next two years to have your left shoulder (due to an injury he has suffered since his stay in Dubai) and his right knee, where he suffers from acute synovitis and osteoarthritis, two conditions that hinder his movements. The decision was made at the request of his sisters, with whom he lives in Nordelta, and in consensus with Morla himself, with the intention of consciously rehabilitating and returning to substitute banks as soon as possible. His representative warned that He received research from Venezuelan and Bolivian teams (with which he flirted before signing with "Big Fish"), a Chilean football team (Union La Calera?) And another from the Major League. Football (although for this it must receive the visa of the United States).

But the main problem of Maradona is another: Anxiety disorder makes it difficult to fall asleep. "Deep sleep two hours.. Then he wakes up and hinders his rest. That way, he can sleep at 2 pm and at night he does not keep an eye on"They explain from their environment the consequences of the situation, combined with the knowledge that for some months they will not be able to work in football, their passion, to generate the framework for which the professionals who treat them seek solutions.

By prescription, Diego takes a recognized anxiolytic, but today has no more effect. That is why he went through the healing of sleep at the end of May. The procedure consists in inducing to rest for four days to study it and to correct the nail with the necessary medication to regulate its sleep. And that from there Maradona can have a normal life. This is the key to your disorder. "In these studies, no neurological problem was found", they say of their inner circle.

In Mexico, Maradona's painting was more controlled. When he arrives in Argentina, he is fed. Because? When he is working, he has a more organized life. The routine channels, is busy, spends energy and at night the tiredness helps to fall asleep.

The test: in Mexico, he zealously followed the tasks of kinesiology to deal with his problem in the right knee, took long walks as one in the community and even decreased the dose of anxiolytics; drugs that were supplied to him over ten years ago, after ending his addiction problems.

Despite the rumors, in the "Ten" environment, it is pointed out that this is just "a passage through the boxes" and that, once through operations and finding the medication indicated to control anxiety disorder, it will return to the technical direction. , where you can finally hold sweet dreams.


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