Wednesday , April 21 2021

After the controversy, Urtubey will donate his salary to charities – Télam

Juan Manuel Urtubey said he will donate his salary to public interest entities in that province after the controversy generated on Friday when he said that the salary he receives as a public official does not reach him to live.

"I can not get the governor's salary to live in. Fortunately, I do farm work, Urtubey said on LN + channel yesterday, and a wave of criticism exploded, prompting the Peronist leader to post a message on the social networks in which he announced: "I have decided to donate my salary to governor of public good entities of my province until the end of my term."

The governor, who is part of the Peronist sector of Kirchner, added: "I reiterate that, thanks to our private activity, politics is not the basis of my livelihood and my family. he commented.

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