Monday , March 1 2021

After the announcement of unemployment in Latin America, the government dictated the obligatory conciliation

Aeronautics had announced on the morning of Wednesday I stop for 24 hours from 0 hours on Thursday to bog down on the negotiations parity.

The measure comes after the strike announced by union members of the Union Superior and Professional of Aerocomercial Companies (UPSA), the Aeronautical Staff Association (APA), the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA), Aeronautical Technical Staff Association (APTA), Superior Staff Union and Passenger Crew Membership in Anero-commercial Companies (ATCPEA).

In turn, Latam said in a brief statement that it was "in full negotiation with the different unions that make up the aeronautical sector, with the intention of reaching the wage agreement for 2019 in the short term."

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