After crossing with Magui Bravi, Rial's girlfriend broke the silence: "It was time to do …"


Romina Pereiro, is the nutritionist who fell in love with Jorge Rial, maestro of the "Intruders", but she not only conquered him, he achieved something unthinkable, as the journalist passed by the altar and formalized his relationship with her. But that's not all, being the girlfriend of a celebrity, her name was catching up and recently was the center of attention for a strong cross-over on the networks.

The context has to do with a publication of Magui Bravi, the dancer used her Instagram to promote a product to lose weight and awaken the actions of Pereiro, who responded harshly to Magui's publication. "It annoys me to see this kind of publication, in which not only is it misinformed, it gets confused and false expectations are created regarding the health of people." Many celebrities are doing this kind of advertisement because they are paid without knowing the damage. they could cause, "wrote the nutritionist.

"I continue to bet on informing and educating the few that can come by explaining that the solution is not to stop absorbing the nutrients we eat, but to change what we eat and how we eat. Please take care of your health, promote your self-esteem and do not let anyone corrupt your healthy choices for your body and your soul, "Romina finished.

After the virulence of Romina's words, she tried to calm the situation, explained her reasons and clarified that she was not against anyone. Because of my training and professional experience, I felt it was time to get attention and ask them to reflect. Of the respect, without aggressions, pole of New York, while it enjoys his vacations with the Rial.

But that was not all, according to Exotiona, she decided to write another message to clarify the doubts and highlight her position: I feel the need to explain some things, the first of the two parts of the reflection begins. I think it is very important to promote good habits, ethics and always with scientific basis, it's over.


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Part 1: I was reading the impact my post generated and felt the need to explain some things. It's not a post where I try to customize or individualize responsibilities. I'm sorry that you have visibility as a girl fight forbidding something much deeper. When I am a nutritionist, I take responsibility for protecting the health of the population from the scope my profession allows. One of them, which I consider very important, is to promote good habits, of ethics and always with scientific basis. I try to communicate with Alegra, but with a lot of responsibility. Although in this case, I felt the need to express myself from a more reflective and critical place. I chose this post because it is what I found most explicit and because I decided to join the words of a colleague that I respect and because it is also the daily struggle of all health professionals. Obesity and eating disorders are very serious diseases. With serious complications to health. They are chronic diseases, that is, they do not cure. Patients suffer a lot and in many cases go through very difficult periods. Try to invite reflection on how these types of products are promoted, in which I also include shakes, pills, and anyone who promotes himself as a magician and keeps us from science. That is the message that worries me a lot. Continues …

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