After 6 dead in Chubut, suspend the regional holidays


These are the Fiesta del Fina Fruit (El Hoyo), the Handicraft Festival (Epuyén), or Steam Train (Maiten) and Del Bosque (Lake Puelo).

The traditional Fine fruit festival It is a celebration that takes place year after year in El Hoyo since 1986, when it was established to pay homage to producers, land workers and harvesters who are dedicated to the region's main economic activity. View for the next weekend in the city of El Hoyo Chubut, was suspended because of the health emergency which applies to the program area of ​​Esquel hantavirus, local authorities reported today.

The hantavirus of the hole

We are going through a complex situation, so we decided to suspend the festivities originally scheduled for January 11, 12 and 13 in the nearby town of Epuyén, "said the mayor of El Hoyo, Daniel Cárdenas, during a press conference given in the provincial capital, Rawson. Moreover, for this reason, Fiestas del Artesano, in Epuyén, the Feast of the Forest and the Steam Train, in MaiténHe confirmed: "We will continue to work hard to contain the situation as quickly as possible," added Cardenas.

However, the Ministry of Health of Chubut informed this morning that they are already 23 confirmed cases of hantavirus – two of the people are admitted to intensive care – since the "epidemiological contingency" was declared on 3 December.

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There were also six deaths, eight cases dropped and one suspect, from which the results of the Malbrán Institute are expected, "they detail from this portfolio.

What hantavirus is all about

Hantavirus is an disease transmitted by infected rodentsand in humans it usually produces two types of conditions: a type of viral haemorrhagic fever, haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (ESFF) or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), a very serious lung disease.

The Hanta virus produces inflammation of the endothelium, a membrane that lines the inner part of the blood vessels, causing respiratory discomfort, heart failure and eventually death.

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