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Adopted a baby, they did not know he had cerebral palsy

Mexico.- It all started with a rumor, a drink He had been abandoned in a hospital in Rosario; however, this rumor became a cruel reality, but fortunately, Benicio was adopted for one pair

The couple has been married for two years and to know this drink a little more than a pound of weight touched the hearts of Pablo and Damián and they decided adopt it.

Quickly, they met drink for the neonetology ward, he was born six months pregnant and the mother never gave birth control.

When Pablo is Damián they came to life Benicio, he had a month to live, doctors assured that contact with them marked a before and after in his recovery, the small felt the abandonment.

The little drink He had to struggle with an intestinal infection that threatened his life due to the immaturity of his organs, but after 45 days in neonatology, he managed to survive.

"I weighed four kilograms at birth and when we left the hospital, we weighed two kilograms and seven hundred.We felt ours from the first day.We went through different situations, but for us there was nothing more important in the world than his health. if he was going to spend the night and now, on October 31, he would be four. "

Five months after leaving Benicio Hospital, Damián and Pablo they noticed something strange in the drink

We consulted the doctors and discovered a cerebral palsy with spastic tetraplegia. At that time, we started with the medications and treatments.

Benicio He underwent surgery to improve his condition, it was necessary to correct a bone that left the place in the hip and placement of porpoises in the knees.

The child's parents continue to seek the best for him.

We found an alternative in Mexico, in Durango, which is minimal surgery directly on the muscles. The postures are corrected with small incisions and the result is for the whole life, said Pablo to All News.

When they contacted the Mexican experts, they received positive news; however, there are 48 corrections to which the child must submit and requires financial resources.

"The surgery will improve your quality of life because releasing the muscles, the brain would stop caring for the part of the movement to take care of other functions like speech." On August 17, they called to tell us that Benicio He was fit for surgery that cost six thousand dollars. Damián restores furniture and I work as a hairdresser, so we try to raise money with bingos, lunches and food sales. "

For those who wish to support them in some way, they can contact the couple at [email protected]

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