Adam Levine was destroyed by his rock idol after the SonarFM Super Bowl show


The Maroon 5 singer continues to get critics after the warm show he held in Atlanta.

They have been difficult days for Adam Levine. The man from Maroon 5 He was widely criticized for accepting that his band played in the Super Bowl, a position that had been rejected by several artists in protest racist NFL politics. To make matters worse, the Maroon 5 show was also bombarded for being "predictable" and & # 39; not spectacular & # 39;, making the whole thing not worth much.

Now, on top of that, Levine is also ignored by rock figures, which reminds him that only a few weeks ago he said the rock was dead. In addition, it also received garbage from who is supposedly one of its rock idols: Jay Jay French, the classic guitarist of Twisted sister

Through a long post on Facebook, French revealed that Levine approached him years ago to reveal that he was his inspiration to learn to play guitar:

"I met Adam about 15 years ago and he told me that the first song he learned to play the guitar was" I Wanna Rock ". My daughter was impressed!"

However, the Frenchman does not have very good comments for the presentation of Maroon 5 in the Super Bowl:

"What Maroon 5 did in 15 minutes was mixing the shame of Billy Squier's" Rock Me Tonite "video with that time when Beavis & Butthead wore Winger jerseys, which is like killing 3 a … Placing Beyond the horribly annoying game, I do not believe Adam and company survive the negative comments … Since social networks are inclement, I do not see how they could regain credibility (if they already had one). his grave but I'll be sitting here waiting to see how they recover ".

A little hard, right? Well, you reap what you sow. You can read his complete message here below:


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