Actor Juan Gil Navarro denounced the theft of luggage at the entrance of the Retiro terminal


The actor Juan Gil Navarro On Monday, he reported the theft of luggage at the entrance of long-distance buses to the Retirement Through her account on Twitter she expressed her discomfort for an unlawful act in which she was involved Your niece

"Yesterday, returning from Miramar at Micro Plusmar (Empresa Condor / Estrela), my niece attacked. They stopped the bus at Villa 31 and shook it to open doors and loot. She is a photographer and has lost her camera and her bag. He made a complaint and no one answered ", He wrote.

In the message sent by his social networks, he snatched the Minister of Transport of the Nation, Guillermo Dietrichand for the National Commission for Transport Regulation, trying to find an answer to the robbery.

How did he know Infobae witnesses were surprised by the inaction of the police there. The robbery occurred when the group that came from the Atlantic coast entered the terminal and passed next to Villa 31.

The robbery occurred on Sunday and was carried out by four people who opened the compartment where the luggage is stored and they took out three bags that were stored. Then they fled.

Veronicasister of Juan Gil Navarro and mother of Catalina, the 19-year-old girl who suffered the robbery, he told the media about the time of the robbery and the situation his daughter had to live.

"The bus had to arrive at the Retreat at 9:00 am but it took about two hours and at 23 our daughter called us crying and told us that everything had been stolen," he said. Then he explained: "He started to feel the microphone moving, he looked down and there were four people shaking the bus."

In dialogue with this medium, Catalina there were four young people between 20 and 25 years of age which opened the compartment where the suitcases are and apparently not closed. Three of them checked the luggage while the other he made sure the driver did not open the door of the vehicle.

"They took three suitcases, two small and one big, I realized that one of them was mine, everything lasted thirty seconds, we were seeing what was happening upstairs, when they fled (the criminals), the driver ran them and returned with one of the bags ", said the niece of Juan Gil Navarro, who was robbed of the professional camera he uses to study and work, and two thousand pesos. Another girl also suffered the theft of her luggage.

According to his testimony, a few meters away was a police officer who did nothing about it. When asked if there seemed to be collusion between the company and the thieves, she replied: "At the time, it did not occur to me, but I began to think that It had never happened to me that the micro passed through these streets through the city. I always go back to Buenos Aires and this has not happened to me, that's why I made a noise. I do not know why they do not change routes or take action"

"We tried to report the fact on Plusmar and Plataforma 10 (a website to buy tickets), but no one answered us. We still can not be served"Veronica concluded.


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