About to marry the ex of David Bisbal threw a poisonous dart …


Things between Elena Tablada and David Bisbal are burning, and even the fact that she's getting married again has not calmed them down.

The photo of Bisbal's ex and his future husband
The photo of Bisbal's ex and his future husband

Things between the singer David Bisbal and the designer Elena Tablada they ended badly and continued worse, especially after a photo that Bisbal's current wife published, Rosanna Zanetti. In it, she is seen dancing flamenco with the daughter of Bisbal and Tablada, Ella.

Since then, the former couple of David Bisbal celebrated against the singer at every opportunity, and in all languages. Not even the fact that she is about to get married seems to have left her in a good mood. That's why everyone took as a provocation one of the photos that went up in their nets.

In her, she is seen next to her husband (they have already married in Miami and now they are going to get married in Cuba, where she is) and her daughter, and she wrote the word "Karma". And many believe that it is nothing more than a suggestion to his former partner. Not even the fact that he had given her permission to take her daughter to the wedding seems to have appeased her.

For months, the Spanish and international press has been talking about the struggles of Tablada and the Spanish artist, who was called muted and avoided all controversy.

On here, David Bisbal doing what he does best:

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