A world champion claimed to be familiar with Emiliano Sala


The disappearance of Emiliano Sala and the pilot Dave Ibbotson It is one of the topics that attracted all the attention of the world. For this reason, from all over the world, there were signs of solidarity with the attacker's family, who was aboard the aircraft when it crashed in the English Channel. However, in the last few hours, a world champion made a revelation about his relationship with the striker.

Taffarelexarcher of the Brazilian National Team, champion of the World Cup of the United States in 1994, Member of the direct family of the missing soccer player. The current goalkeeper coach of Galatasaray, Turkey, made this revelation due to the second nickname of the Argentine striker, who is identical to that of the former soccer player.

In statements with the Brazilian media, the exgolero He gave details about this family relationship. All Taffarel of Brazil and Argentina have the same origin: a patriarch initiated the dynasty in the XII and XIII centuries, when it settled down in the region of the Valley of the Vneto (Italy), where today it is the city of Treviso.", explained the goalkeeper who saved for the Brazilian National Team during three consecutive World Cups.

On the other hand, Brazilian He gave an explanation of how the name Taffarel arrived in the city of Progreso, where the attacker comes from. "With the migration that occurred in the 19th century, the surname spread throughout South America, spreading through Rio Grande do Sul, ParanĂ¡ and Santa Catarina," he explained. former player who was part of the Brazilian team in the last World Cup, being the archer's coach.

In addition to these statements, ex soccer player He made himself available to Emiliano Sala's family to help with the search. The truth is that today, researchers will try to remove the body found in the plane that fell on the seabed. Once the body is afloat, they can identify you and know if it is the Argentine striker or Dave Ibbotson.


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