A tourist drowned in Mar del Plata


A tragedy occurred on the beaches of one of the spas in Punta Mogotes, in the city of Mar del Plata. A tourist from Tucumán drowned, according to what police sources have confirmed.

Daniel Bernabé Villagra Morales was in the public area of ​​that beach, at the height of Spa 10 of the complex located in the south of Mar del Plata, on a day of oppressive heat in which the thermal sensation reached 42 degrees.

According to police sources, the man entered the sea and, after a few minutes, the bathers rushed to rescue him. The lifeguards were able to remove him from the water and the man became unconscious.

The lifeguards they practiced resuscitation maneuvers Cardiopulmonary on the beach until an ambulance helped him. He was then transferred to the General Interzonal Hospital of Agudos Marplatense, where he died.

This weekend, in Villa Gesell, a similar tragedy happened on a beach near the Querandí Lighthouse. A business man drowned when he went to sea to rescue his eight-year-old son, who was unharmed.

In the beginning, a lifeguard intervened, who performed CPR maneuvers but he could not revive him. Then came the same staff after a call to 911 where they reported that there was a person in convulsion. The doctors detected that he had no more vital signs.


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