A thief tried to steal a UFC fighter with a "cardboard gun" and took a tremendous beating: "I was afraid to hit him"


The fighter of Mixed martial artsPoliana Viana had a bad time after being a victim of an assault while waiting for a taxi in front of her house in Jacarepaguá, a neighborhood in the west of Rio de Janeiro. A man approached him and wanted to steal his cell phone, but she resisted and gave him a spanking that he will never forget.

"When I noticed his presence, he was already very close to me." He asked me the time, but even though I told him, he did not leave. Give me the phone.Not try to react, because I'm armed.It was when he approached and pretended to put a gun on my back, but I realized it was too soft to be a weapon, "Viana said.

Viana retains the delinquent until the arrival of the police.
Viana retains the delinquent until the arrival of the police.

The fighter explained in her interview that after realizing that it was unlikely she was being shot with a gun, she decided to attack. "I threw two punches and a kick. The criminal fell and then I caught him in a lion's bush. I kept it there and then put it in a place and told him we were going to wait for the police. "

When the troops arrived, the UFC fighter discovered that the criminal used to intimidate her. It was not a weapon, but a piece of cardboard in the shape of a weapon.

The cardboard "weapon" with which the thief attempted to assault the UFC fighter.

The octagon woman nicknamed "The Iron Lady" said that despite the situation, she always remained calm. "I was calm because he did not even react after the blows, I think he was scared." So he did not react.He told me to let him go, but I was very angry and told him that he was going to call the police and he told him to call the police, then "because he was afraid he would hit him more," Viana explained.

The thief was denounced.
The thief was denounced.

The case reverberated after the president of the UFC tweeted the face of the fighter and the thief accompanied by a message that summarizes what happened. "The one on the left is Polyana and the one on the right is the thief who tried to steal it. #Muymalaidea".


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