A teacher was paralyzed in Thailand after hiring Guillain-Barré


Caroline Bradner, 22, originally from Virginia (United States), decided to Moving to Thailand last October to fulfill his dream of teaching foreign boys. But a strange disease paralyzed her and now her family hopes to take her home to recover.

A few days before this episode he began to feel weakness in his abdomen, which quickly spread to the rest of the body and caused difficulty in moving. After an appointment at a local hospital, he was informed that they believed he had multiple sclerosis. However, when a friend took her back to the clinic because she had woken up without being able to move, the diagnosis was clear: I had contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome.

On the left, Caroline working. To the right, already hospitalized.
On the left, Caroline working. To the right, already hospitalized.

What is Guillain-Barré syndrome?

This disorder is a autoimmune neurological disease It attacks nerve cells and causes muscle weakness or paralysis. Symptoms (which begin with muscle weakness and tingling) can last for a few weeks. According to Mayo Clinic, its causes are unknown, although in general terms "it is preceded by an infectious disease such as respiratory infection or viral gastroenteritis."

Upon learning of this situation, Caroline's mother traveled to Thailand and started raising funds to cover medical expenses. While there is no cure for this disease, Most patients can fully recover (although some have permanent nerve damage).

In the case of this young woman, she was paralyzed from the neck down, but her father told the foreign press that "we see improvements every day." Indeed, You can move your shoulder and feel a tingling in your fingers..

Caroline has many family and friends on her side, who want her to be home as fast as she can to get the care she needs, "he said. Health insurance agreed to pay for the transfer to the United StatesThus, his parents clarified that the money left over from the donations will in turn be donated.

"Being in Thailand has changed the perspective of life. the people there are amazing and always happy. I think he wants to live like this and he has a very positive attitude. He wants to go home, so his efforts are focused on rehabilitation, "concluded the father.


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