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A surprise in the hammocks! Fabián Cubero presented her su nueva hija

The soccer player teased my tenderness with his post and his followers bromearon with Nicole Neumann.

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Fabián Cubero they introduced a family member to their 800,000 followers. If you call Aloha, you are very small, and there is no doubt that you have much love to give to him, Mica Viciconte and the three days ago that the deportista has with Nicole Neumann.

It is a very nice girl who robs the heart of all with her picarona. There is no doubt that the little girls enchant you having another pet, this time around the house that your daddy has with her Combat. They will inherit the passion and respect for the animals from their mamma, who are vegetarian.

“Paseo con mi nueva hija”, scribed the deportista de Velez next to a postal where he was sitting on the bench of a plaza and very well accompanied. Several of the users who are pending your news will cheer up with their exmujer. “I hope it doesn't give you a precaution,” he said in reference to the way the model asked in Justice so that he couldn't post photos with his princesses.

The one who “took it off” by the image was Viciconte, who shot: “You use my arm for the picture. What the hell. Ja, ja ”. She has been with Aloha since long time, but for the first time she seems to be excited to be with her.

All the happiness in the life of the tortolitos, who enjoy the most of their romance and practicing to bring a baby to the world. “We are more about having a wedding than we are,” Micaela added in one of her last notes.

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