A student made a video of The Simpsons singing a success of Rodrigo: his girlfriend published and exploded in the networks – 10/12/2018


A student of audiovisual production presented her final work for the subject Computer II and its realization had an unexpected repercussion. The young woman music video Eight forty, the hit of Rodrigo Colt, with images of The Simpsons. And its creation was a rage in the networks: only on Twitter, had more than 840 thousand reproductions.

"My girlfriend made this video for an ending. And it may be something so simple … but I swear to you that they do not give an idea of ​​how happy I am to see their little progress", Rocio De Olivera tweeted, not knowing what was to come, because so far, the publication has more than 13,000 retweets and almost 67,000" tanned ".

The post was dedicated to his girlfriend of 18 yearsthe creator Giuliana Di Capua, who is studying Production and Audiovisual Realization at the Open University Interamericana (UAI) of Buenos Aires.

The video in question shows Bart Simpsons singing one of the quartet's hits, pretending to be the voice of the late singer Cordovan, with a perfect synchrony and audiovisual effects, where he tells the love story between his mother Marge and his father Homer.

While they are passing extracts of fiction to the rhythm of Eight forty, You can see parts of a few memorable episodes from the legendary animated series, such as the prom night between Homer and Marge, where she wanted to be a high-society woman; besides their dances and memories of life.


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