A stand-alone Tesla car "assassinated" a Promobot robot that would be presented at CES 2019, accused the affected company


The weekendn self-standing Tesla self was involved in an accident when he brushed a Promobot robot, causing him to fall, then they claimed that the company Elon Musk as would be presented at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2019, the world's largest technology fair, which runs from Jan. 8-11.

The Russian company that created Promobot showed the video of the event and sent a press release, where he explained that "A self-directed Tesla Model S struck and destroyed a standalone robot Promobot v4 in Las Vegas, Nevada in a car accident. "

Even the statementue right: "A Testa car killed a Robot Promobot" and it was also stated that the incident occurred at 3,000 Paradise in Las Vegas, USA, where the robots were taken to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"All the robots were on the line, but one of them lost his way and went straight to the runway to the parking lot." At that time, "the robot was hit by a Tesla car," they said in the statement.

According to the press release, a user named George Caldera decided to use the vehicle's "self-driving" mode because this area was completely clear.. But then he ran to the robot parked on the side of the street, which in an act of lack of control had been diverted from a lot that went to the CES. The car could not help it.

The robot was not destroyed in its entirety, but He suffered damage to parts of his mechanical body, head and movement platforms, which will prevent your presentation within the event.

The accident was caught by security cameras in the parking lot where the incident occurred. Through Twitter the Promobot signature mentioned Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, indicating that the autopilot of his vehicle had failed.

The company Promobot sent a second video in which the Nevada police are allegedly seen carrying letters on the subject:

However,Some users doubted that the accident was fortuitous and opined that "it looks like it was pulled gently by a rope."Some others considered it to be a mere advertising strategy and caught Musk's attention when he was enthusiastic about it.

Other accidents related to the Tesla automatic car:

1 On May 7, 2016, in Floriada, USA, Tesla's artificial intelligence claimed the life of its first victim – Joshua Brown, a model sedan driver in the US.

The man activated the system & # 39; Autopilot & # 39; and began to watch a movie of Harry Potter on a Florida highway, in the southeast of the United States. A few minutes later, an advancing truck decided to make a turn-around maneuver.

However, the automatic sedan system was unable to overcome the maneuver or avoid collision. Brown, 40, died as a result of injuries.

2 In July 2017 another similar accident happenedthis time without victims– occurred on a highway PennsylvaniaIn the USA.

The Tesla X, also with the autopilot function activated, hit the barrier and turned completely. Neither the driver, Alberto Scaglione, owner of an art gallery in Detroit, nor his son-in-law in the passenger seat, suffered damages.

3 Switzerland In May 2018, there was another collapse of the Tesla Model S car. The vehicle that had the autopilot function activated It was on the left lane on a Swiss highway in hours of heavy traffic.

Regardless of, When a truck stopped on the same lane with the emergency lights on, the "autopilot" did not react and Tesla collided with the truck. The driver who was unharmed by the accident said he saw the obstacle but relied on the system.

4. Montana, USA. Another fault in which a Tesla was involved occurred inl July 10, 2018 in the state of Montana. A Tesla Model X hit the road in a tight corner.

The driver, identified as Pang, claimed to have left the steering wheel in autopilot mode when, at a speed of more than 35 kilometers per hour, the vehicle hit some wooden poles. No one was injured in the crash, but the impact caused the car to lose the edge of the right front wheel.

5. Beijing, chinThe. In August 2018, another Tesla Model S with autopilot system activated was involved in an accident, this time in China. Luo Zhen of Beijing collided with another parked car.

According to the driver, his Tesla did not react to the parked vehicle and did not warn him of the danger. That way, Luo, 33, filed a complaint against Tesla Motor for "misleading advertising."


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