A sporty and classic smartwatch at the same time


Christmas is a small gift and the brands do not miss the opportunity to present novelties. The latest Samsung is its Galaxy Watch line, smart watches within reach of your face. Ac share some of their features and images on the models, available for both men and women.

The three versions that are already in the local market are silver 46mm (15,199 pesos), 42mm in black (14,299 pesos) and pink gold (14,299 pesos), pink. Among the functions that stand out as novelty, in relation to other proposals, are those of acting as personal trainer, the monitoring of stress and sleep. But there is more.

The intention is that, through the clock, more and more areas of daily life can be grouped, combining elegance and prestige. That's why it also includes options for reviewing the calendar, receiving and replying to messages, managing Spotify playback, and intuitively measuring calorie consumption.

In addition, a battery that can last between 7 and 4 days, depending on the model, and that in case of being a user of the subscription through other devices, the clock is integrated into the different systems displayed on phones and tablets.

Unlike other models that can be obtained in the market, driven by brands like Xiaomi, Sony, Apple, LG and Motorola, this version offers a much more traditional and less sporty design, as if technology was gradually gathering the best of the last years with the tools of the future.

Acte some images:


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