A shocking report warns of serious danger in consuming red meat


A group of experts warned through a new study on the risks of red meat consumption.

Argentina is one of the countries where it is most consumed meat red In fact, it is the main type of beef which we Argentineans choose when we consume animal protein. But now a group of researchers has warned of the dangers this can create.

The study was presented by experts from the Lerner Research Institute, which belongs to the Cleveland Clinic in the United States. It was concluded that too much red meat intake can have serious consequences.

Experts have reported that the high consumption of this type of meat causes the increase of the chemical N-oxide trimethylamine (TMAO) in the blood, and this is directly linked to cardiovascular diseases.

This substance known as TMAO is formed during ingestion by intestinal bacteria, and largely derives from nutrients that abound in red meat. The conclusion was reached through a clinical trial of 113 healthy men and women, and examined the effects of this type of meat.

They determined that people who frequently consume red meat have TMAO levels three times higher than those on a diet rich in white meat or vegetable proteins. The good thing about this is that the levels of the substance decrease considerably once this type of diet is abandoned.

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