A San Rafael doctor participated in an investigation to determine the origin of brain tumors


The doctor of San Rafael Javier Orozco (41), along with the biology doctor Diego Marzese (38), recently participated in a scientific advance, because it accurately identified the origin of the brain tumors, which is a great step for its diagnosis and treatment. .
In this regard, Orozco, who has lived in Los Angeles since the beginning of 2013, when he decided to travel with his wife and two children, told FM Vos (91,5) that "with our work we have been able to create a tool based on molecular biology, that is, being able to profile the DNA of different tumors and be able to differentiate a small portion of that DNA into the type of tumor that is in the brain. "
He explained that "the brain can have tumors that are generated right there, they are the primary tumors because they are born there, or they may be tumors that originate in another part of the body and then travel to the brain, which is what we know as metastasis ". Once there, it is not easy to determine its origin. "
In short, it is a "diagnostic tool that, through a small amount of DNA, generates a kind of bar code that allows us to know which part of the body the tumor comes from."
He argued that this information is essential for medical treatment. "Knowing the origin of the tumor, we can know what is called, the name and surname, that is, that this tool helps us to identify the origin, that is, if it comes from breast cancer, skin cancer or lung cancer, which are the tumors that most often travel to the brain, so as well as knowing where it comes from, we know how it behaves, "explained the importance of the discovery, although it has clarified that the validation stage is still lacking.
About the beginning of the investigation, he said that "it began before I arrived in the United States in 2013. Here they have a strong history of work due to brain metastasis mainly due to melanoma (skin cancer). incorporate cancer of the breast and lung and we associate ourselves with neurosurgeons to incorporate primary tumors, that is, officially the work started in 2013 and we were able to publish it a few days ago. "
"It is essential that the population is informed and knows the tools available for both prevention and early detection. Both strategies have an impact on patient survival, so it is very important that they are always informed."


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