Saturday , February 27 2021

A prisoner of Magdalena Prison contracted hantavirus

With this, there are nine confirmed hantavirus cases in the province of Buenos Aires.

A 40-year-old man, who is prisoner in the prison of Magdalenanear La Plata was transferred to a hospital of high complexity in the capital of Buenos Aires, for having contracted hantavirus.

The man, who is serving a sentence in Criminal Unit 28, felt a general malaise with joint pains and headaches. At the Sanitary Unit of the prison, with symptoms similar to those of the flu, he underwent tests that resulted in hantavirus contraction, so that his transfer to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in La Plata was determined.

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In the province of Buenos Aires there are already nine cases of confirmed and confirmed hantaviruses.

Prison situation

The authorities of the Provincial Penitentiary Service have implemented a training for personnel to take preventive measures and early diagnosis, as well as fumigation and rat control agents "in different penitentiaries".

The Provincial Memory Commission (CPM) had already requested that preventive and outdated actions be implemented in prisons, police stations, closed centers for young people and neuropsychiatric centers. Buenos Aires to avoid the contagion of the virus that transmits the mouse colilargo.

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According to the CPM, through inspections in prisons, it was found "with great concern presence of rodents and the lack of hygiene detainees are hosted, two issues that make these local places very favorable for the spread of the disease"

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