A nurse died and 10 people have died due to hantavirus outbreak in Epuyén


Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia / Special Envoy

A woman of Chilean nationality, who was in contact with those affected by hantavirus in


died this Saturday, as he confirmed the
THE NATION the Secretary of Health of the Nation,

Adolfo Rubinstein.

Then there are 10 people killed by the outbreak, which was unleashed in the city of


The nurse was hospitalized in Puerto Montt, Chile.

According to the agency Telam, the young woman arrived with symptoms in the city of Palena, about 250 kilometers from Puerto Montt. José Antonio Vergara, PhD of the Epidemiology Unit of the Los Lagos Health Department, explained:[El contagio] It was connected to the outbreak that originated in the city of Epuyén. We deeply regret this result. We know that every effort has been made to recover. We call the population to maintain preventive measures that the risk of environmental exposure to the natural reservoir of the disease can cause. "

On the other hand, it was known that the three suspected cases in San Martin de los Andes were negative. "The director of the hospital Ramón Carrillo [de Esquel]Juan Cabrera and the head of Sanitary Area IV, Néstor Sáenz, confirmed with the Malbrán Institute of Buenos Aires that the three blood samples from patients suspected of hantavirus were negative, "they said in the statement.

The three patients had been hospitalized this week at the Ramón Carrillo Hospital with symptoms that were suspected of having hantaviruses. They were then admitted to the hospital and Chapelco Clinic in San Martin de los Andes.

"While we monitor the evolution of patients, which has always been positive, the results of experts from the city of Buenos Aires were expected," the statement said. And it was clarified: "In the presence of patients with symptoms compatible with a disease such as hantavirus, the protocols predicted for this type of situation will continue to be activated."

On Friday, in an interview with
THE NATIONRubinstein confirmed a case in Bariloche. In Epuyén, yesterday, was added another to the 26, which since last November were declared. In fact, the official advised not to travel to the city or its surroundings. In the city, since last Thursday, a forty-day protocol rules as a way to prevent the outbreak from spreading. Among the points, it states that neighbors do not attend meeting spaces or greet each other with a kiss.

At the request of the Health Minister of Chubut, Adrián Pizzi, the court ordered 85 residents of Epuyén to be compulsorily insulated for a period of 30 days. Esquel's criminal judge, Martin Zachino, made the decision before refusing some neighbors not to isolate, despite having been in close contact with those affected. "It's the only way to stop the outbreak," the minister said.

Hantavirus is a serious viral disease caused by the hanta virus that attacks the lungs. It is transmitted by wild mice (long necks) that eliminate the virus through saliva, feces and urine. When it dries, the dust of the place transports it through the air. Contamination occurs by inhaling this air, but also by the bite, by touching live or dead infected rodents or between people during the period of symptoms.

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