A mega collision could launch the solar system outside the Milky Way


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However, the collision can happen much earlier than expected, when the Milky Way impacts the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy that orbits around the most important.

The phenomenon would black hole of the Milky Way, dormant so far, that start swallowing everything in his way and grow up to ten times. The increase in radiation could lead to the ejection of the Solar System outside the galaxy.

Galaxies like the Milky Way are surrounded by others similar to satellites that are smaller and orbit around them. Generally, these sets of planets revolve around their hosts for billions of years. But from time to time they sink into the center, collide and are devoured by the main.

The Great Magellanic Cloud is the brightest galaxy of the Milky Way galaxy and is to about 163 thousand light-years. The latest measurements determined that It has almost twice as much dark matter as previously calculated. That is why it is rapidly losing energy and is bound to collide with our galaxy.


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